Do you have what it takes to be part of ADX?

ADX connects high performing doctors with joint, spine, and pain patients nationwide outside the managed care paradigm.

To be an ADX doctor, you must meet strict selection requirements.

ADX is built to be national/international – growing into other markets. As we expand there is an opportunity to be involved.

If you are passionate about reinventing joint, spine, and pain care, we want to hear from you.

If you believe that the patient is primary and won’t settle for less-than-optimal results, we want to hear from you.

In many markets existing ADX physicians refer candidates they know through working and teaching together.

In situations where there are no direct network referrals, ADX starts with the minimum criteria listed below. Next, ADX will review intangibles such as your knowledge, attitude, and medical philosophy.

Minimum Selection Criteria to be Considered as an ADX Physician Team Leader

Board Certification:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
  • Neurology


  • (after 2000) completed an Interventional Pain Medicine (IPM) Fellowship with Board Certification
  • Minimum 4 years practice experience, full-time IPM
  • You must pass a comprehensive background check, including:
    • Medical
    • Financial
    • Criminal
  • Have high patient satisfaction scores and reviews
  • Receive high recommendations from your peer physicians, facility managers, nursing staff, product representatives, etc…

Next Steps to Join ADX

If Minimum Selection Criteria are met, then:

  • You will have an interview call with ADX assessing your experience, knowledge, attitude, and medical philosophy (having more than a passing familiarity with the works of Adam Smith, Ayn Rand, Frederic Bastiat, and others will serve you well in this process)
  • If you pass this portion of the selection process, then the ADX opportunity is explained and contract documents sent for you to review
  • Once contract documents and/or NDA is signed;

Physician Onboarding with ADX

ADX will visit you at your location and welcome you to the ADX network

You and your staff are introduced to and trained on the ADX model, methods, and software

Your 90 day probationary period begins and you have an opportunity to be a doctor again;

  • Freedom to provide care and treatments of the kind and in the manor that you determine to be in the best interests of your patients
  • Accountable to, and rewarded for, achieving optimal results and outcomes
  • In short, free to shine!

If you’d like to learn about applying to be a part of the healthcare solution that is ADX, click here and inquire to learn more.